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Former judge Kim Ki-hyeon “Lee Jun-seok’s application for injunction will be rejected … Court intervention is a funny story”

Kim Ki-hyeon, a member of the National Strength of the People, delivers a greeting at the National Defense Committee plenary session held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 1st. Parliamentary photojournalists On the 18th, lawmaker Kim Ki-hyeon, a former judge who is considering the next challenge for the People’s Power, said, “It… Read More »

Til Schweiger’s ex-bodyguard found dead in Uganda

Jan Karras, Til Schweiger’s former bodyguard, died unexpectedly. What happened? Til Schweiger mourns his former bodyguard. “We are all deeply shaken. Jan was a special person who still had so many plans,” said the actor to “Bild”. He helped orphans in Africa Jan Karras (57) was found dead in a 20-euro hotel in Uganda. The… Read More »

Peter Freiburghaus from Duo Fischbach died

Together with Antonia Limacher he formed the comedian duo Fischbach: Peter Freiburghaus died unexpectedly. The general public knew him as a comedian, but Peter Freiburghaus was also a talented actor and author. Pius Amrein / LZ Ernst and Lilian Fischbach became famous as a defiant and shrewd couple: the Fischbach duo enjoyed particular success in… Read More »