Bordagaray gave victory to Belgrano

By | June 26, 2022

He arrived in August of last year with a long history behind him. He arrived with the aim of contributing his goals to one of the biggest teams in the category. However, an amnesia ended up harming him, leading him to lower his performance and start from the bench on several occasions. But after a long time, Fabián Bordagaray remembered his goalscoring facet: he converted for the first time since he arrived at Belgrano to give him the victory against Alvarado.


Despite the distance between one and the other in the standings, the Torito de Mar de Plata was the one that had the leading role in the first half. He came out determined to control the game, he overcrowded the middle of the court with players with good feet and was superior against a Pirata who tried to press the exit and missed Mariano Miño a lot.

The locals could have taken the lead through a good cross from Molinas to Pons, although the striker was not quick to finish. While the clearest of the visit was a shot from outside the Zapelli area that went just wide.

Already in the ST, the B was able to impose itself through the hierarchy and the determination of the team: the Memo entered and put it in a free kick to recover the memory…


The ligament injury to Mariano Miño left a hole that was difficult to fill for Guillermo Farré. For this reason, the leadership moved quickly and closed the arrival of Diego García, the last step for Almirante Brown. “It was all very fast. They informed me of Belgrano’s interest and I couldn’t say no to the most important club in the category. It’s an important step in my career. My dream is to get promoted,” said the 36-year-old midfielder.

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