Viki Gabor and Malena on one stage! Historic meeting of Junior Eurovision winners

By | June 26, 2022

Viki Gabor and Malena
Author: TVP VOD

All fans of Junior Eurovision, as well as their winners, were waiting for this duo. Viki Gabor and Malena stood on one stage in Rzeszów to sing the song Girl Needs Love. The audience welcomed the teenage singers very warmly. This performance could go down in history!

Viki Gabor and Malena they sang on one stage! Fans of the event have been dreaming about the musical meeting of the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest for Children. When Malena, representing Armenia, released a music video for her winning track Qami Qami, Internet users immediately flooded her with comparisons to the Polish star who had triumphed in Gliwice two years earlier. The girls, despite the fact that they did not get to know each other, quickly made contact via social media, where they regularly exchanged pleasantries. Even the accusations of Internet users that Malena was copying Viki Gabor did not prevent the building of a friendly relationship. The singers’ musical meeting took place on June 24 in Rzeszów. The Polish woman and the Armenian girl added splendor to the annual European Stadion Kultury concert, performing the song Girls Need Love live.

Viki Gabor and Malena on stage

It was one of the highlights of the event. The teenage winners proved that they deserved such great success like no other. Viki started the concert with the song Moonlight, then performed Superhero, and then Malena came on stage to perform with her the piece Girls Need Love from the repertoire of Summer Walker. As you know, the original song is full of curses, which in this case have been replaced with other words. Finally, Malena presented her Eurovision hit Qami Qami. Would you like to hear them in your original song?

In the end

Are Viki Gabor and Malena really similar?