Vice-President of Fortaleza about Kayzer: “There are a lot of people interested”

By | June 26, 2022

The first vice president of Fortaleza, Geraldo Luciano, was this Saturday, 25, on the program “As Frias do Sérgio”, on Rádio O POVO CBN, and gave journalist Sérgio Ponte some information about Renato Kayzer’s situation at the club.

According to the manager, “there are many people interested” in the striker, but Fortaleza is in no hurry to resolve the athlete’s situation and the board will “do the best possible for the club”. Geraldo also assumed that he received a call from a club president, asking him to mediate in the negotiation with Marcelo Paz.

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The vice president also softened Kayzer’s situation, saying that he is a good player, but that he has not adapted to Fortaleza, and that this happens sometimes in football, but that the club has to focus on who will stay at Pici.

Renato Kayzer has not been training with the Tricolor players, and performed some activities this week, still in Fortaleza, with a private physical trainer.

Kayzer’s situation remains undefined. On Thursday, the 23rd, the president of Grêmio, Romildo Bolzan Júnior, told Rádio Guaíba that the negotiation will not go forward and ruled out the acquisition of the athlete.

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