SolarWinds highlights the role of accelerated adoption of hybrid IT in increasing network complexity

By | June 24, 2022

And the confidence of technical experts in their ability to manage it has declined

SolarWinds IT Trends 2022: Understanding IT Solutions: Managing the Complexity of Hybrid IT Solutions examines the current state of hybrid IT and opportunities for technical experts to manage the increasing complexity in light of the acceleration of adoption of hybrid IT solutions

The continuous shift towards hybrid IT solutions increases the complexities of IT management, and reduces the confidence of technical experts in their ability to adopt the best ways to manage it.

Nearly half of the technical experts participating in the study (42%) indicated that their organizations manage the complexities of hybrid IT solutions through employee training and adoption of IT monitoring/management tools.

Dubai United Arab Emirates: SolarWinds, the leading provider of simple, effective and secure IT management software (NYSE:SWI), today announced the results of the ninth annual IT Trend Report. This year’s report, issued under the title: IT Sector Trends 2022 From SolarWinds Correct understanding of IT solutions: managing the complexities of hybrid IT solutionsThe acceleration of digital transformation and its impact on IT departments. The report revealed that the acceleration of adoption of hybrid IT solutions increased the complexity of the network for many organizations and presented IT experts with many troubling challenges.

It should be noted that hybrid and remote work models have enhanced the impacts of distributed and complex IT environments. Running workloads and applications on public or private cloud infrastructures can be challenging, with these issues affecting and hampering an increasing number of companies. A report issued by the International Data Corporation indicated that organizations are realizing the need to invest in tools to help them ensure the consistency of their policies and performance across platforms and for all end users1, especially in light of the shift in more critical workloads of workflow towards connected clouds in various public environments. Private, hybrid and multi-cloud. These organizations face a range of challenges, including budget, time constraints, and constraints to adopting and implementing controllability as a strategy that enables the ability to keep pace with current conditions in the hybrid IT sector.

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The new SolarWinds report also notes that tech experts are losing confidence in their organizations’ ability to manage IT solutions; About half of the study participants (42%) indicated that they use monitoring strategies to manage this type of complexity,

While 58% of respondents revealed a lack of clarity regarding the majority of enterprise applications and infrastructure. This lack of clarity affects organizations’ ability to easily detect abnormal activities, analyze root causes, and other critical processes that ensure the availability, performance, and security of business-critical applications.

Commenting on the matter, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO of SolarWinds, said: “Operational complexities are preventing organizations from benefiting from the benefits of digital transformation and technology-enabled investments, preventing their end-users from benefiting. As they recover from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, these organizations must 19, to re-examine the investments it made during the past few years. In this context, it will be necessary for organizations to enhance the clarity of their information technology environments to identify the effective aspects from others, and then focus their efforts to achieve the targeted return on investment in their future projects. .

Ramakrishna concluded, “Observability is of great importance as the best solution for technical experts who are responsible for managing greater levels of complexity in these diverse and distributed environments spanning public and private cloud infrastructures. However, organizations must dedicate the time and resources required to enhance the skills of their technical experts. and train them in order to help them efficiently implement control strategies and more effectively manage existing hybrid IT environments, as well as prepare their teams and activities for long-term success.”

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Please visit the SolarWinds IT Trend Index, a dynamic online experience that explores study findings and additional data insights, broken down by region into illustrations, graphs, and socially shareable items. Like previous IT Trends reports, this year’s study features an interactive component where visitors to the Internet experience can see how they compare to the results.

The findings of this year’s Middle East Report are based on a survey conducted in March 2022, which yielded responses from 102 experts from Middle East technology practitioners, managers, sector heads and CEOs from small, medium and large-sized enterprises from the public and private sectors. All regions studied in 2022, as reported in the SolarWinds IT Trend Index, are North America, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom, with 1,138 respondents across these geographies combined.

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