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By | June 23, 2022
Youngdae Yoon Essayist
Youngdae Yoon Essayist

The first space launch vehicle designed and developed with Korean technology was successfully launched from the Naro Space Center in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, on June 21, at 4 pm on the summer solstice, on the longest day of the day. This is the proud Nuriho (KSLV-Ⅱ). The countdown starts and ‘3-2-1-Ignition engine-Take off’… . The people who watched the Nuri Lake rising vigorously in the blue sea of ​​the South Sea emitting white smoke and golden flames shouted full of cheers, and it gave overwhelming joy to the hearts of the officials of the Aerospace Research Institute, which overcame difficulties and developed through 12 years of hard work. I will.

After about 2 minutes, after removing the first engine at 60km, it disappeared from our view leaving a white dot, but it rose tens of kilometers every minute, gradually taking off the propellant and cover, and finally reached 700km after 15 minutes. After that, everyone was relieved to hear the announcement that the performance verification satellite was separated and finally the satellite model was placed in orbit at a speed of 7.5 km/s.

Now, our Republic of Korea has fulfilled its historical dream of becoming the world’s 7th space power. I’m really happy. The crystallization of Korea’s aerospace technology accumulated over the past 30 years has penetrated the sky and conducted space exploration. Now, Nuri is performing the remaining missions by orbiting the Earth 14.6 times a day. Nuri is loaded with 4 cube satellites manufactured by 4 domestic universities including KAIST. After a week, we will put them down one by one into space orbit and plant sprouts for our dreams. We hope that each task goes well.

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Nuri suffered difficulties due to combustion instability and propulsion tank problems, and launched its first launch in October last year, but failed to enter the final orbit. Since there are plans to launch four more launches at a cost of about 690 billion won by 2027, I think the establishment of the Aerospace Administration should also be considered. With a total weight of 200 tons and the weight of about 3,000 adults, it was made with 370,000 parts to fly in outer space at 10 times the speed of a bullet. The future space industry is predicted to play a major role in leading the 5th industrial revolution beyond the 4th, and advanced countries are also inducing private participation, so we must expand that dream.

In the early 1990s, 30 years after Wooribyul 1 and 2 were launched from the Guiana space launch site in Central and South America by borrowing a French Aryan rocket with British technology, we finally launched the Nuri from our land into space with our own technology. raised It opened the way to space from Oenarodo, the tip of the Goheung Peninsula in the South Sea. The relationship with the place name ‘Goheung Narodo’ is also strange. An island name similar to the pronunciation of ‘fly’ at high altitude and rising excitement… . Among the 11 candidate sites for the space center, it was selected in consideration of the launch angle and location conditions.

At the Naro Space Center, which will rise high, I pray for the success of the Nuri-ho, who opened the way to space, carrying the dreams and hopes of the space power of Korea. Long live Nuriho!

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