Rain barrier to Zara’s amasya concert

By | June 23, 2022

The concert of Zara, the beloved voice of Turkish folk music, in Amasya was postponed due to the damage to the sound systems on the stage after the pouring rain.

The sound systems on the stage were damaged after the rain, hours before the start of the concert organized by Amasya Municipality within the scope of the 1222 June International Atatürk Culture and Art Festival. After this situation, the concert was postponed to a later date.

“We will come to this beautiful city of Amasya once again”
Zara, who made a statement with Amasya Mayor Mehmet Sarı, said, “Unfortunately, we had to postpone the concert. There is a good side to this. We will come to this beautiful city of Amasya once again. It could be the end of July or the beginning of August. We haven’t clarified yet. There is good in every evil,” he said. Mayor Sarı stated that he did not anticipate the interest in the artist, to whom he gave flowers and gifts, and said, “May Allah protect you from the evil eye”. Zara also took photos with her fans waiting for her at the hotel where she stayed.

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