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By | June 23, 2022

Talleres went to the round of 16 of the Copa Argentina in a penalty shootout that had it all. And if there is happiness in Córdoba, it is because Alan Aguerre, in his second match in the T, had a consecration performance in the 90’s and because he saved two penalties in the shootout, and celebrated when Valdez crashed the last penalty against the crossbar. A) Yes, the Cordovan team will play in the round of 16 with the winner of Aldosivi and Newell’s.

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Everything costs Talleres a lot in this 2022, after a great 2021. Because in the League Cup he had a disappointing campaign (he finished 12th in his area) and the start in the League is not entirely good (just four points of 12). Of course, in the Copa Libertadores they fulfilled the objective of going to the next phase and on the eve of the round of 16 match with Colón (the first leg will be on Wednesday in Córdoba), the team did not play well against Chaco For Ever, they deserved to lose in the 90′ and finally got away on penalties.

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The Chaco team, which is 15th in the First National, was the clear dominator of the match. And it was the one that had the clearest results in the 90’s but did not win it in regular time due to the tremendous performance of Alan Aguerre, who had two covered five stars, one against Novero and the other against Lucero. Talleres could not generate play: Caixinha opted for a mix of starters and substitutes, but nothing worked and he ended up throwing Julio Buffarini onto the pitch, who returned to play in the T after 14 years and converted his penalty in the shootout.

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