Buya Arrazy Hasyim’s son was shot, the police who owned the gun were pulled to the Headquarters

By | June 23, 2022

The second son of the cleric who cares for the Ribath Nouraniyah Institute in Ciputat, Ustaz Arrazy Hasyim died from being shot. The three-year-old toddler was shot with a firearm at the house of Buya Arrazy’s parents-in-law in Palang Village, Palang District, Tuban.

Collect detikJatim, Thursday (23/6/2022), the incident occurred last Wednesday (22/6) at around 13.00 WIB at the house of Buya Arrazy’s parents-in-law in Tuban. The Head of the Reskim of the Tuban Police, AKP M Gananta, said the rifle belonged to one of the officers.

“That’s right, the incident occurred because a rifle belonging to one of the officers was made toy by the victim’s 5-year-old brother. Meanwhile, this victim is 3 years old,” said Gananta to detikJatim, yesterday.

He explained that at that time the officer carrying the rifle was about to offer the noon prayer at the mosque at around 13.00 WIB. The gun was placed in a place that according to the officer was safe, but was still accessible to children.

“So the accident happened when the officer was praying. It happened at home. His house was right next to the mosque. The officer had put the gun in a safe place,” said Gananta.

Gananta said the rifle was locked to the maximum. However, it was not unexpected that such an unfortunate event occurred.

“The gun is already di lock maximum, already safety. But his name is a small child, his curiosity is big,” he explained.

The Tuban Police have investigated the incident. However, the parents of the toddler, namely Buya Arrazy Hasyim and his wife, Eli Ermawati, have come to terms with the incident.

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“We have carried out an examination and both parents did not demand the incident. The parents are sincere and consider that the incident was a disaster,” said Gananta.

Meanwhile, according to Gananta, members of the Indonesian National Police who owned the rifle were withdrawn by Headquarters shortly after the incident. However, he did not explain in detail whether the officer was Buya Arrazy’s personal bodyguard or not because he admitted that he was not authorized to deliver.

“After the incident, the officers were brought by the Satker (work unit) to Headquarters,” he explained.

“The assignment is special and very confidential. We did not get any information about it,” he continued when asked about the figure of the officer who owned the gun.

He also ensured that his party could not process the law for this shooting incident. This is because the authority of the Tuban Police is a general criminal element, while this general criminal element has died when the family of Buya Arrazy Hasyim let the victim die.

The body of the second son of Buya Arrazy Hasyim was immediately buried at his father-in-law’s house in Palang District, Tuban. Many village neighbors came to attend the funeral procession.

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