Manuela González and ‘Tatán’ Mejía have a past before reality

By | June 23, 2022

Despite not being number one in the ‘rating’, ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ is always giving people something to talk about on social networks. Viewers have shown their loves and hates, and without a doubt, Manuela González was always one of her favorites. Therefore, his output continues to generate comments.

The famous one won the affection of the spectators, but also that of her companions. And on her list was Tatán Mejía, with whom she was always very close. Many believed that they had met on the reality show, but the truth is that the actress and the athlete have a “past”.

A few days ago, Manuela was one of the guests on the program most brave. There he was talking about his time at ‘Masterchef’, and also received messages from some of his former colleagues. On the list was Tatan, who referred to her as his “best friend.”

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Those words caught the attention of Marcelo Cezán, presenter of the program, who asked him if in “such a short time can such a relationship be strengthened?”

It was then that the actress assured that they had not met on the reality show, and that, in fact, they had a close connection from before, all thanks to the athlete’s wife: Maleja Restrepo.

“We have known each other for a long time. I was always more friends with Malejitaand well, I loved Tatán very much, I liked him very much, he seemed like a cool guy, but I hadn’t really met him apart from the friendship he had through Malejita”.

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Manuela assured that this type of programs make all people know each other deeply and like each other well or badly. But in the case of the two of them, there was always a good energy and a great connection.

“Thank God there was very good energy from the beginning. As a friend, he was amazing. It was the person who was there, that you felt you could trust and that’s very important when you’re in a reality show,” he said.