Despite the rumors of divorce, Al-Otaibi’s victory returns to her husband, Ahmed Al-Mousa, and the followers’ attack against them

By | June 22, 2022

The marriage of Ahmed Al-Mousa and the victory of Al-Otaibi

The public launched an attack campaign on Ahmed Al-Mousa, after he posted his picture on his official account on Snapchat, and commented on it, saying: “Praise be to God, whose grace is done good deeds. Today, my marriage ceremony took place with the one whom my mind chose before my heart with who deserves to be my wife, and as for my children. May God make it a good beginning for us.”

But hours after this photo, Ahmed Al-Mousa published a clarification about his wife, saying: “This good wife will marry me to my second marriage to her,” referring to Al-Otaibi’s victory, which angered the audience and considered it a disdain for their fans to lead the trend only.

Ahmed Al-Mousa, through his official account, published a picture of him from the wedding ceremony that he held yesterday, Tuesday, announcing his marriage to a girl. What they did has no justification.”

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