Florian Silbereisen is thoughtful Schlager Radio

By | April 15, 2022

Corona and war – “this madness must come to an end quickly”.

Pop star and presenter Florian Silbereisen has been slipping into the role of dream ship captain Max Parger for over two years. When filming in Lapland in early March, the 40-year-old had to go into quarantine. The reason: a corona infection. Filming has stopped. He has now told the magazine Super Illu how he felt.

“I had noticeable symptoms despite triple vaccination. I was quarantined in nine square meters in a dark room and I have three kilos more on my ribs due to lack of exercise,” he explains to the magazine.

During this time, his colleagues looked after him in a touching manner. Silbereisen continues: “But what was really great: The dream ship team really spoiled me! Every day they put juices and food in front of my door. They even took me live via video chat when they were out. Thanks to all!”

However, the star also had a lot of time to think in his quarantine. “Corona has dominated our lives and our social interaction for two years. There is a cruel war in Europe that cannot be surpassed in terms of abominations,” explains Florian Silbereisen, and he wishes “that this madness and this suffering will come to a quick end!”

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