How Pino Daniele died / Heart attack at 59, but there was talk of “serious negligence”

By | April 15, 2022

The death of Pino Daniele: the heart attack that killed his life

Exactly seven years have passed since that January 4, 2015 that ended the life of Pino Daniele at only 59 years old. The famous Neapolitan singer-songwriter who left an unbridgeable void in his family and in the hearts of his fans, suffered a heart attack while he was in his villa located in the countryside between the towns of Magliano in Toscana and Orbetello in Tuscany. Despite being in Tuscany, Pino Daniele was transported to the Sant’Eugenio hospital in Rome. Arriving at the hospital, the artist was subjected to various attempts at resuscitation, but there was nothing more to be done.

For years, Daniele had suffered from some heart problems having also undergone coronary artery bypass surgery. Problems with which the Neapolitan singer-songwriter has lived by dedicating himself to his music. On January 4, 2015, however, heart problems resulted in a heart attack which turned out to be fatal.

The controversy surrounding the death of Pino Daniele

After the death of Pino Daniele there was no lack of controversy. There are those who spoke of the delay in rescue operations and those who spoke of “serious negligence” that would have proved fatal. As he reported in 2018 The morningLuisa Regimenti, national president of the Contemporary Legal Medicine Association and consultant of Fabiola Sciabbarrasi, the wife and mother of Daniele’s children, at the time spoke of serious negligence:

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«Daniele did not die of fate but of serious negligence. I have the feeling that no one has wanted and wants to go into depth on the death of Pino Daniele. We cannot say an end to a manslaughter without being aware that there were serious negligence that caused Pino’s death ».