Alexandru Arșinel made the sad announcement: “I will put an end”

By | April 15, 2022

Alexandru Arșinel is going through a difficult period in terms of health. At the age of 82, after six decades of performances and small screen appearances, the actor says he is ready to retire from the world of theater.

Alexandru Arșinel gives up what he loves most

Due to his health problems, Alexandru Arșinel is preparing to leave the theater and withdraws from what he loves most. Acting will remain her biggest passion and, even if she doesn’t feel mentally prepared, she has to give up because of her health.

Alexandru Arșinel underwent two heart surgeries. He was rushed to hospital two months ago, and health problems have multiplied. The actor says that even if he doesn’t feel well, he will try to honor all the contracts he has and will try to last as long as possible, doing what he loves.

“I try to get medical appointments so I can get better as soon as possible. I’m with my son, I’m looking for a physical recovery clinic, medical recovery. Don’t ask me, in 60 years of theater I have never been absent. They have to find something, it’s heavenly manna, to say that Arșinel was missing from the theater. When I had a transplant and I had medical problems I was absent, but now they ate shit, to comment that I was missing.

I repeated the show in the afternoon, and in the evening I had to be at the show, but I couldn’t, I felt sick, I had vertigo, I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t move, unfortunately. That’s what I’m talking about, it’s so ugly for me to comment on this.

The actor was rushed to hospital

At the beginning of February, the actor Alexandru Arșinel arrived urgently at the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital, after accusing him of not feeling well. He called 112, and the doctors took him to SUUB for medical investigations.

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The actor’s son stated that, after that episode, Alexandru Arșinel is recovering from the operation he went through. He also said that his state of weakness is not related to the decision of Mayor Nicușor Dan not to extend his term as director of the Constantin Tănase Theater.

“Everything that the Constantin Tănase Magazine Theater represents today is due to the master Arșinel. Nicușor Dan did not save any budget after removing this great actor from the position of artistic advisor “, said Gabriale Firea.

Alexandru Arșinel has already chosen the place where he will leave the world of theater. At Dolhasca, he says, he was always welcomed with open arms, which is why his last appearance will be right there.