‘Ras’ Meowy writer “Single moms get a lot of support” → Song Min-ho’s tattoo philosophy

By | April 14, 2022

Jeon Hyun-moo, Han Seok-jun, Song Min-ho, and Meow took the first place in 2049 viewership ratings for households during the same time period of ‘Radio Star’, where the charm of the four ‘trend leaders’ who read writers’ trends exploded.

Photo = MBC 'Radio Star'

Photo = MBC ‘Radio Star’

MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ (planned by Kang Young-seon/directed by Kang Seong-ah), aired on the 13th, was featured as a special feature of ‘Trend Readers’ with Jeon Hyun-moo, Han Seok-jun, Song Min-ho, and webtoon writer Meow.

This day’s broadcast recorded 5.4% (based on the metropolitan area), ranking first in the household viewership ratings during the same time period. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a major indicator of advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, also ranked first in the same time period.

The best one was Jang Dong-min’s ‘One Day Gura, A Meow Asking the Author for Income’ by Dong-Min Jang, who appeared as a special MC, and the household ratings soared to 7.1% (based on Nielsen Korea).

Jeon Hyun-moo, a self-proclaimed ‘Temin Nam (a man who is sensitive to trends)’, boasted a sincere look to trends, always giving a big laugh. He even robbed his attention with his ‘trend bastard’ aspect that follows the trend even in a slump.

Photo = MBC 'Radio Star'

Photo = MBC ‘Radio Star’

He confessed, “Last year’s burnout came,” and confessed that he lived in a hanok for a month to overcome it. At this time, MC Yoo Se-yoon pointed out, “Isn’t the burnout word trying to follow the trend?” Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Isn’t it a hot term?”

Minho Song revealed his own philosophy when tattooing, saying, “I speak Korean a lot because English lettering is crooked.” At the same time, he said, “I want to be a good player, so I have ‘Playboy’ written on my back. I regret it.” He also revealed the tattoo black history. Hearing this, Jeon Hyun-moo drew laughter by drawing a line saying, “I don’t think I can follow this.”

Han Seok-jun introduced the high popularity of his daughter Sabin, who had previously appeared in ‘The Return of Superman’. Han Seok-jun said, “I appeared twice, and she asked me a lot if it was fixed. Thanks to her, she filmed a baby cosmetics commercial.”

Writer Meowy shared her reaction after confessing to being a single mother. He said, “I received a lot of messages of support from the parents of single-parent families. He got the courage,” he said, boasting that his son had inherited his talent for painting.

Then, he revealed his daily life with writer Jeon Seon-wook, who he is in a public relationship with. He said, “It helps to read through when you’re having a hard time, but it’s not at all when you’re writing a story.” He continued, “The deadline is different, so I can’t go on a date like everyone else. When we meet, we work,” he added, drawing attention.

At the end of the broadcast, a special feature called ‘Daddy is acting, Daddy~ Action’, featuring Jung Jun-ho, Shin Hyun-jun, Baek Baek-hyun, and Song Jin-woo, was announced. The special feature of ‘Daddy is acting – Action’ will be aired on the 20th.

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