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By | April 14, 2022

Due to his recent sharp change in style and his actions to show commitment to the government, more and more About Gabi Tóth now it turns out that he loves horses and the great equestrian national traditions of our equestrian nation, therefore he continues to nurture the Hungarian national traditions that are so important to him by promoting horse racing.

On her official Instagram channel, the singer herself announced that she was honored to be the hostess of the 100th Hungarian Derby, which she called one of the most prestigious events in the Hungarian horse race. The event will be held in Kincsem Park in Budapest in early July.

However, the derby is not only about elegance and horses, but also about preserving tradition, as we are a riding nation. From ancient times, horses, riding, have played a decisive role for us. Nowadays, horse racing is becoming more and more popular, which was introduced in Hungary by Count István Széchenyi. This is worthy of the Treasure Park, which is both tradition and modernity. Glad to keep our traditions!

– wrote Gabi Tóth on Instagram, who referred to Kincsem Park as a beautifully renovated complex, and most recently appeared on the fundraising program led by TV2 Andrea Várkonyi and András Stohl.

Gabi Tóth, who said that Fidesz’s victory on April 3 had been written, broke the silence in recent days and explained his role in Fidesz in response to the attacks on him, as well as explaining how he drifted into his new environment and what Fidesz was looking for. –On the stage of the KDNP campaign event. According to him, what has happened to him recently is a classic character murder, and his faith and values ​​have never been a secret.

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In his latest video, Zsolt Osváth made a sharp criticism of the things worn by Gabi Tóth. According to the popular video, the problem is basically not that the singer sympathizes with the government and ties the threads close to Fidesz, but that she is not telling the truth about it. In Monday’s YouTube video, Zsolt Osváth also talked about how their personal relationship with Gabi Tóth had deteriorated.

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