I know why this day is commemorated, and all the details of the profession

By | April 14, 2022

In the first instance, in Day of the Kinesiologist, Liliana del Puerto explained to us why April 13 was chosen to commemorate kinesiologists: “April 13 is commemorated as the day of the kinesiologist because it is the anniversary of the creation of the first university school of kinesiologists, in the Argentina in the year 1937».

On the other hand, Liliana alluded to the main task of the kinesiologist: «The main task of the kinesiologist is the rehabilitation of the patient, in different therapeutic treatment pathologies, through the three pillars of kinesiology, which are kinesiology, physiotherapy and kinephylaxis”.

day of the kinesiologist
Kinesiologist’s Day

Likewise, in general terms and for Kinesiologist’s Day, Liliana explained that kinesiology is the study of the movement of the human body. Be it muscle, joint, myofascial tissue, tendinous etc. Likewise, this knowledge is used to treat conditions.

Finally, on this Kinesiologist’s Day, Liliana del Puerto sent a message to the community, in commemoration of this date: «On this very special day for our profession, greetings to all our colleagues. And thank the community for the trust in our treatments.”

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