Alert in most regions of the country: head for cover immediately.

All regions “turned red” on the alarm map within a few minutes. This happened for the second time in one night. Note Children who were playing checkpoint heard the air raid siren and began to sing the national anthem: video Explosions are reported in 5 areas Residents of the Lviv region, Ternopil region, Zhytomyr region,… Read More »

Without Fátima Bernardes, Globo makes changes to the Meeting

reproduction Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares (Reproduction/Globo) Advertising Could not load ad From the 4th of July, the Date goes live with a series of changes. Without Fátima Bernardesthe attraction becomes controlled by Patricia Poetbeside Manoel Soaresnow in São Paulo, and will air after Good morning Brazil. According to information from journalist Patricia Kogut, in… Read More »

“If a woman is 17 years older it is still news, embarrassing”

New home, new book (“Contrappasso”), new projects and a new love. Andrea Delogu, forty two days ago, feels more alive than ever. “I have flourished”, she reveals in an interview with Corriere. After the divorce from the actor Francesco Montanariin 2020, after four years of marriage and a long engagement, she is now experiencing a… Read More »

LoL : Singed vole un Nashor en LCK !

The League of Legends Korean league started last week and some games are already deserving of legend. DRX and T1 are currently tied for first position with the teams that faced off today: DWG KIA and Gen G. Their BO3 was breathtaking from start to finish, with a backdoor worthy of the Kassadin of the… Read More »

Dollar / TL after the BRSA decision (Why is the dollar falling?)

Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency‘nun (BRSA) financial stability support After that, there was a decrease in the Dollar/TL rate. With the announced decision, as of 20.00 yesterday, the dollar/TL dropped close to 5 percent and tested below the 16.50 level. The dollar closed the week with 16.88. Starting the day at 17.33 levels, the dollar/TL… Read More »

Zaniar Matapour (42) is the terror suspect after the shooting in Oslo – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

When police met with the press early today, police attorney Christian Hatlo said that Zaniar Matapour, who was arrested last night for the shooting is a knowledge of them from earlier. According to what NRK is informed, the police are now investigating whether they have been radicalized in recent years. The 42-year-old is charged with… Read More »

The House of Expertise for Engineering Investments and the fact that Khaled Abdullah, a businessman, escaped

Today, Friday, June 24, 2022, the House of Expertise for Engineering Investments issued a statement announcing the fact that Khaled Abdullah, the businessman and owner of the company, had fled. Khaled Abdullah’s escape Since the early hours of this morning, newspapers have circulated the news of the escape of Egyptian businessman Khaled Abdullah, owner of… Read More »